The team


Creating amazing stuff to help your child learn while playing!

The team

Reinaldo Ortiz

Game Director, Lead Engineer

His passion for music and videogames made the perfect combination for this talented software developer to help bring this game to life.

The team

Michelle Morales

Concept Design, Marketing

"Great education is the best gift for our children, so let's make it fun and create state of the art educational games."


The team

Christian Alaminos

Graphic Artist - Level Art

Draws, animates, designs, and creates astonishing art for video games. Kids deserve the best!

The team

Héctor Landrón

Graphic Design

With years in the education industry, this graphic artist and illustrator takes creativity and imagination to a whole new level. 


 We are a team of artists, software & game developers dedicated to creating the best engaging web & mobile solutions.  In this case, we combined all our talents to develop this very unique and entertaining math educational game.  We love video games, and we want kids to learn for fun.

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